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Inflamed Bumps with clear fluid ,no head/pus

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I’ve been reading about these bumps people are claiming they have and I wanted to start my own discussion on how you get them and what is the best solution to get rid of them. These types are cyst are caused my hormonal Imbalances & stress. Females and dark skinned people are more likely to suffer from this type of ance. You may also note that if you are female , you most likely will get these cyst while you are on your cycle.                            Since you can not technically treat it like a pimple, you need to “drain” it but using things such as Benzoyl peroxide,Silicic acid , or the crushed up aspirin trick where you ,hints, crush up an aspirin then add contact solution to make a paste that you apply over your ‘oozing cyst’. This treatments should eventually dry up your cyst, about a course of over a week. If results don’t show in a week take a longer trial , if results still don’t show you probably have a deeper rooted problem and should see your dermatologist to be prescribed antibiotics.        -    I’ve named a few treatments if you have more please add on 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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