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Olay Regenerist Works for Scars


I read recently on the forum that regenerist will work for minor icepicks scars but that it was also unsafe.

I read someone posted that amino peptides cause scarring eek.gif but it does stimulate collagen growth. So how can this be????

Should i only apply regenerist on my icepicks scars only and not on my whole face ??


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Don't beleive everything you read. Regenerist will do zip, nada, nothing to reduce or minimize scars. Peptides will not cause scars, nor will they do one thing to reduce them.

There is nothing you can buy over the counter that will reduce the size of acne scars. To reduce the size of scars there are very few procedures that actually do work.

What does work to minimize scars is: Dermabrasion, Chemical Peels done by a DOCTOR, Fillers like collagen, botox. restalyn ( temporary), Laser peel done in the right hands & TCA Cross, also done by a doctor.

Of dubious value: Smoothbeam, N'Lite.

There are probably a few more that I am missing, but these are the biggies

At home facial peels, glycolic, or otherwise, if done once a week, will make your overall complexion look better, but will do next to nothing to reduce the appearnace of scars.

Apple Cider vinager will not reduce the appearance of scars, but is a good toner.

If you want to improve acne scarring even minimally, check out the dermabrasion, etc.


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