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 1) I wouldn't be concerned if your tethered or not. I bet you have some of both. IT simply means filler would work. Subcision is not always used for tethers, it simply can be used to make a a pocket for filler.

2) Your in good hands with Rullan, he can do all this and specializes in ethnic skin peels.

Yes you can do cross on some boxcars, Rullan as a professional can use acid peels regardless of the scar type. He can do a peel / tca cross and soften the edges abrading it .

3) I think you should do infini rf or whatever rf microneedle and skip microneedling. Just tell him you don't wish to do this. You don't have to do this treatment with him, you can continue wherever you got it before once your treated by Rullan.

4) Because filler does work even if suction is variable and does not. IT's a spacer not dependent on your suctioning.
You need filler, I understand that your subcision isn't working and re-tethering. I used to have that before using filler with the sub.

5) Dosen't matter what type of filler, if it's HA ... it's what you can afford, and what you need, I am not feeling your skin, those most basic is restylane, but Lyft which is Juve also good also Volbella. Also depends where it's placed. Ask pricing. You can top up possibly if any is left over and Rullan allows this.

Remember you will need several subcisions, you can wait when the filler runs out to do it again. Several Infini RF, and several tca cross sessions and acid peels. Acid peels are used once you lift the scars. Scar treatments are a long process, don't rush with too much at once.


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You don't have to get filler with Rullan man, you can get it wherever you live by a derm, plastic, or med spa. Exactly you need filler or you'll re-tether. I'd wait till the swelling goes down personally myself. 

Rullan probably figured you would get filler locally to wherever you live. 

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@damnscars good thing about Dr Rullan is he will do the apporpriate treatment when he sees your skin. He will recommend a treatment to you but wont force it on you. If you think you need HA fillers, you can inquire about it at the appointment, and he can do the filllers in the same appointment. He prices are very reasonable, so u dont have to worry about being ripped off. I think he is a gifted derm and not after your money. The only issue is that he doesnt own a  microneedling rf device.

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Thanks for the clarification, I didn't even think of this. If I get filler somewhere else, will it be pretty obvious where and how much to inject - i.e. where the bruises or needle insertion points are? -- NO ... they inject where it will give you the best volume. Sometimes it's not injecting where the bruises are ... see a expert injector. 

After Infini I would wait a few months, this is how long collagen takes to build.  Doing too much too soon is not beneficial for the body. We heal slowly. 

At the very minimum a month. Doing mega treatments benefit the DR $$$$ not patient.


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