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Apple Cider Vinegar Problem

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I am teen 14 years old soon in 6 days i will be 15 years old, i am boy btw. I have some acnes on my cheeks and some on my left and right side of jaw. And i have one on my forhead and one upside mouth. This morning i tried ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) with ratio 1:3 (1 tbsp of ACV and 3 tbsp of water) i applied it on my face and my cheeks and my skin below eyes become red (red like a mild burn) and my face is dry right now, i feel dryness and it still has some light-redness. Do i need to mix more water with ACV, should i stop using ACV, i really want to cure acnes and redness. Thanks in advance. 

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STOP, do not apply ACV to your skin and do not apply it at such a young age dude. Big no no. Give me an update on your current skin situation. 

You need to apply small quantities of castor oil to the scar areas or buy some scar cream like hypophil

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I’m not too keen on Apple cider vinegar, I used it for about a month and it broke me out in a lot of closed comedones on my forehead, however when used on a large whitehead it would shrink that down. Also I used 10 parts water to 1 part Apple cider vinegar. I honestly wouldn’t recommend it as a toner, maybe try using it as a spot treatment only? (When I use it as a spot treatment I use it undiluted)

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