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Alcohol and acne

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Hi all,

Haven't visited these forums in a while. But just came back to share my experience with combatting acne in the past year, in the hopes that it helps someone.

I have had mild to moderate adult acne for over 15 years. I acknowledge that there is a lot worse out there, and I do empathise. Regardless, it still played on my mind and lowered my self esteem. I've tried so many things to improve it, I've lost count. I've tried what seems like hundreds of topical treatments, regimes (including Dan's Acne.org), supplements, and diets. Nothing helped.
Until now - being alcohol free. I feel silly not to have tried cutting it out it sooner, but I drank so little of it (~a social drink or two every night or second night with family/friends), I thought surely it has negligible affects. And since I rarely binge drink, I never had a "massive breakout" to make it plain and obvious. Until a year ago - as it happened, several big social functions lined up one after the other where I binge drank like never before within a very short timeframe. And the acne got so bad, it made it obvious to connect the dots.
Ok, so binge drinking makes it worse. But what if I stopped even the 'social' drinking, would it improve even more?
The simple answer was yes, and the result was great. It took about 2 months to reverse the damage of the binge sessions, and another 2 months to clear the rest. Just to be sure it wasn't a fluke, I kept off ALL alcohol and I've been 99% clear for 8 months now.

It's funny, I tell people I'm off alcohol and they look at me like a freak - which would have been my reaction a year ago too! Clearly my skin was trying to tell me something - my body doesn't like alcohol even in moderation.

Obviously this has the regular disclaimer, this may not work for everyone, yada yada. But seriously worth a try if you haven't already done so - what have you got to lose?

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