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What I like and hate about acne and ance meds.

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I know what works to cure my acne:

Antibiotics + B5 + Differin at night, thick layer of BP in the morning, moisturizer, no sugar, no bread, no iodine, low glycemic index foods, swimming pool and sauna every day.

That gets rid of 99.9% of my acne, but I can't live like that.

I walk around with a thick layer of BP on my face, skin is dry as sand, no matter how much I moisturize; I can't smile, it's hard to eat. I also can't go to the swimming pool and sauna every single day. And what's the use of not having acne if I can't enjoy life, because of the treatments I use?

As I understand, acne is caused by a combination of the following:

1) oil production

2) dead skin cells

3) bacteria

According to this, getting rid of one of these factors will make for less acne; getting rid of 2 of these, will make even more improvement, and getting rid of all 3 will cure acne.

This theory is consistent with my personal experience:

Bacteria can be killed with BP or antibiotics. When I achieved major success with BP, I noticed that if I miss one day and don't put on BP, I get a breakout. I don't like walking around with cream all over my face, especially if it's irritating and drying. Therefore, for me, antibiotics are the only way to kill bactetria.

Oil production can be fixed in the following ways: by using Accutane, which I'm not willing to mess with; by using B5; by eating healthier. I take B5 and eat healthy, so that's my solution.

Dead skin cells can be normalized and pores can be unclogged with the use of exfoliating, and Differin. I don't mind having Differin on my skin, it actually moisturizes it, and works well. Exfoliating with things like SA leaves my skin irritated and red. Bakind powder works well for this purpose.

So, what am I trying to say? Not sure exactly... now that I know what works, I'm trying to find out what works, AND is convenient for my lifestyle.

My current regimen:

morning: cetaphil cleanser, Differin, Minocycline, B5

afternoon: cetaphil cleanser, B5, B complex

evening: cetaphil cleanser, baking powder exfoliation, B5, Minocycline

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How long have you been on the mino?

It stops working only after about 3 months is what my derm said.

But you can wait and go on another cycle after a few more months.

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I've been on mino for a few years; still works. As far as diet goes, I got rid of iodine (no seafood, not too much dairy) and high glycemic foods (no oatmeal, bananas) and things that are clearly bad, like pizza and chips. I still eat ice cream and chocolate (cause it doesn't cause much acne for me)

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Good luck, yeah its sad but true you have to change your whole life style based on some fucked up skin disorder (excuse my language) but its true. Theres products out there that work for people but dont work for the others. But face it acne is all the same, weather you have little pimples, blackheads,white heads... Its all faced under one name "Acne" so, why not destroy the name "Acne" like its doing to us, and make somthing out of it? How about.. The facts of the drugs, Do they really work or did they make your skin feel better? Obviously, nothing is working for any of us or we wouldn't be here correct? Or even if we were clear, we would still want to help others out..

Lets look at the facts here for a minnet..

Most Acne suffer's are focused on the Acne its self, and not what it can do like scaring.. They just want to get rid of the acne befor the scaring.. And worrie about the scars later? Am I right?

So, Im wondering. If we treat the scars better then the acne maybe we could kill 2 birds with one stone? They say there is no cure for acne, bullshit there isnt. How hard is it to actually kill a bacteria on the skin? They just want the money so they put the pitty ass products in walmart, and make special doctors which infact make you pay out the ass to even step foot in their waiting room. Then they write you some perscription that you end up paying out the ass for too.

Im just saying, that all of the people here, are more knowledgeable about acne then most of the real life doctors. We are the people who have it. So I'm thinking it is up to us to fix this problem and I am willing to put this Acne shit to the test and find out away to get it off my skin.

How many of you tried a product that worked really good but quit working after a week or two?

We should be finding out the reasons why they quit working maybe trick the acne into doing somthing like.. hhmm, killing its self? Im no doctor but I know alot more then a doctor who hasnt had acne befor in their life, when I mean by that I mean, they don't know how it feels like nor do they know what it feels like to go out in public with shit all over your face.

Im pissed, about the acne. Alot of people (Like Me) Dont have that kind of money to pay for accutane which seems to be the only thing working for acne (THE MOST) but then when it does work they charge you out the ass for the product just to make a extra dollar.

Any one up for making this acne bullshit dissapear? If so make a list, a big list. Of when your acne started, when it got worse, when it started to clear up, what was you using at the time of it clearing up and so on. I will make a example that maybe we could get this acne behind in the past. Good luck to everyone and excuse my cussing but, its real.

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It looks like you're doing too much for your skin.

When I just gave up on my face a few month ago and used only moisturizer, it was at its best! I just had a few under skin ones and that's it.

Then something happened..I think b/c of new birth control pills (I take them only for acne, lol) They don't do a thing. So I'll go back to the old kind. Maybe you should get some too.

I wouldn't use BP in the morning, I don't.

I come home from school and put bp on my problem spots and huge blobs on new ance...then at night I put bp all over and blobs on acne again...

using bp in the morning is horrible. You ruin your clothes (which is really bad for me b/c I can never find anything...particukarly b/c I'm too sexy..well, my mom wouldn't buy me cliothes @American Eagle or something and cheap clothes sucks...very rarely you can buy anything good there. Also, I can never find jeans that feet me well. I guess it's b/c of my figure too...most of them are made for flat butt girls)

So if I ruin my jeans, it's be a disaster...I always put hands on my face, whether it's sleeping in class or just a random touch...and then I'll alwyas put my hands on my legs which is bad...

so I never never never use bp in the morning...just moisturizer.

Another problem with it is that if you try to put a foundation on when you have bp on, you'll look like a retard cause it'll look lik your sking is coming off or something...yeah...

So don't use bp in the morning. And don't be afraid of washing it 3 times a day like me...plentry of moisturizer will keep your face from overdrying..,

seems to help

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I really like the "big list" idea. I haven't been to the derm in a long time, because the advice I get here is better than anything he ever gave me. Let's take everyone's advice, let's list all the possible solutions, and the percentage of people for whom it worked/didn't work.

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