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Serious Acne at only age 13

Im a 13 year old female and no other 13 year old females I know have acne. If they do, its like 5 spots on one cheek. I have SERIOUS ACNE.

Theres a few bumps on my forehead and cheeks and theres acne on my arms & shoulders and very few on my legs.

Ive used retina but switched to Tazorac almost 2 months ago. I now use Tazorac, Minocin, and Proactiv Cleanser, sometimes neotrogena when I run out of proactiv. My moisturizer is Purpose

I have many(millions) of "healing" acne which never seem to heal at the end. Theve been there for a few months!!

Is there anything at all, from a diet change, exercise, or medicine/cleanser that can help?

Im soooooooooooo desperate! Its so embarassing being the only girl with zits. Thanks for reading!

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well, I was like 11-12 and noone had acne in my class. They were so mean to the point when they'll say "If I were you, I wouldn't come to school!"...that girl was a bitch anyway...

but some ppl started getting acne soon, so...

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I remember their was this Stupid ass kid in my 9th grade class that always used to talk shit to me about my Mild/moderate acne. he would always say shit like" you're fukkin dirty man wash you're face" you know bull shit like that plus he was the class clown. well one day he said another stupid comment about my face infront of evryone and i got up and beat the living fukk outa him LOL. aND NOW my acne is pretty much zero and my life is going great while he's still working in MCdonalds has worse acne than i ever had and Has a beater car.................... you better believe i make him feel like trash everyday i order food lol dumb POS.

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I know your pain. You are a strong individual for going through this, trust me. I think you should see a dermatologist. And, he/she should take your plight seriously. I would ask about taking an antibiotic for a short time to calm the breakout and then consider going on ALA photodynamic therapy which is giving great results or going on accutane. At your age, though, I don't know how yipppee i'd be about accutane cuz you're still growing.

Either way, you can stop it (the acne) and it will get better. If you ever need support, just ask away.

I never had acne till I turned 19. I didn't understand what it meant to have acne honestly. Only those who suffer from it, understand what's going on. My friend, a university graduate who is 25 years old, thought acne was caused by dirt too. It's just ignorance. See, it can happen to anyone. Don't take what others say too seriously ok? They're talking from ignorance. I'm a little older than you, i'm 25 (and i had severe cystic acne on my face) so I know how frustrating it is and how awful you can feel at times.

But, you will get through this. smile.gif My advice: get it treated the sooner the better. Don't mess with proactive crap (i wasted my money on this) because your skin issues like mine and many others on here are coming from the inside and need to be treated a little more seriously. I'm proud of you for coming out and finding a forum in which to discuss your concerns. You're a smart 13 year old. And, we're here to help smile.gif

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