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Where do I start?! Scars and adult acne.

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Hi, I have just found this wonderful site full of information whilst I have been searching for something to get rid of the scarring on my face.
I always had good skin, even when a teenager, hit 30 and it's been awful since. (3 years)
i have been to the drs so many times and they don't seem interested.
I have taken a long course of antibiotics and a number of different prescribed creams, I've tried tea tree, clearasil all the usual stuff. Changed contraception, stopped contraception completely, nothing is working. It's really starting to get me down.
I want my clear skin back with no horrible marks.
where do I start? I want to get rid of the scar marks mainly. It's 90% on my face and 10% on my back in the top section.
I have been looking at microdermabrasion although I'm not sure it will be strong enough to make an improvement.
please bombard me with what products I need and what treatment will help me. I've had enough!
Thank you x
Have included 2 pics of my face as it is now, doesn't effect my forehead.



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Your scars are very mild :). Post the question on the scar forum on this site. There are a lot of well informed people there who will help you.

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Thank you for your reply. I have posted in the scar forum as well, I think! Hopefully someone will have some good suggestions.
I am pleased they look mild, to me they look awful!
thanks again!

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Those are really mild!
if only you seen some of us other adults faces.

sudocrem seems to work well for me on red marks/patches, apply a thin layers over the affected area at night, wash off in the morning and reapply in the day if u can blend it in well.

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