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How to know if you popped a cyst successfully?

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So last night I noticed an under the skin bump, Idk why but I decided to squeeze it and a little bit of puss came out. This morning the bump was still there, just a tiny bit less swollen. I applied a heat compress onto the pimple and managed to get LOTS of gunk out. This pimple was never sore to the touch or else I NEVER would have attempted popping it. I’ve iced it but there’s still a small bump under the skin...does this mean there’s more? :/ or is it just swelling that will go down? What should I do to the pimple to reduce redness and swelling and make it heal quickly? This is the only pimple on face and it’s greatly bothering me and hurting my confidence 

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You dont pop,squeeze or pick so no there is no successfull way to do it.if it were done properly if there is a proper wsy,you would more likely sterlise to stop bacteria,use a sterile lence with a cutting edge and create a cut in the zit for the puss to exit with very little squeezing as it causes inflammation.then a topical anti biotic applied after it seals itself up.

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