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I use Clean and Clear Oil-Free Foaming Facial Cleanser and their BP gel. I have really oily skin and I do not use a moisturizer. My skin feels normal after using the BP gel except for around my eyes. I don't put the BP gel anywhere near my eyes, but for some reason the skin gets dry around there. Any suggestions as to what moisturizer I should use for that area since I normally have oily skin?

Also, I know it's not recommended to use both BP and Salicylic acid, but my skin can tolerate this combination just fine. Does anyone use both? If so, what are you using for the salicylic acid (astringent)?

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Yeah, those of us with extremely oily skin can generally tolerate both BP and salicylic acid just fine.

My SA of choice is C&C Advantage and/or C&C Blackhead Clearing Scrub, both of which contain 2% salicylic acid, if I'm not mistaken. Both are quite effective in combination with Oxy 2.5% BP Vanishing Lotion.

Clearasil Total Control All-day Mattifying Moisturizer is a decent moisturizer for the areas around the eyes, but the very slight residue it leaves takes some getting used to. Be sure not to use too much or it will clump up with the BP.

Also: apply an extra layer of moisturizer around your eyes before you go to bed. and then try to get lots of sleep. It might sound irrelevant, but I've found that it makes all the difference with respect to the drying-around-the-eyes problem.

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I use the Nivea for Men Oil Control face wash and moisturiser, and once every 4 days a face mask from Boots (not sure of the name, sorry). I'm also on B5 which is really reducing the amount of oil on my face.

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