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Small flesh colored bumps on cheeks

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Hi- I’m 20 years old- I never dealt with acne as a teenager and over the last 2 years I’ve had these bumps appear on my cheeks and chin. I use all natural and sulfate free everything. They are very small- poppable- I try not to pop them obviously because that helps nothing. I’ve considered it being a food allergy since I use no lotion or any other bothersome products... any ideas??



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Hey, i just signed up to comment on your post. I also deal with the same issue. I am 18 years old and i had Always clear Skin. Since few months i got These bumps and they´re getting worse. I feel so bad, i even stopped wearing Make-up( although i didnt pt make-up all the time) 
Did u find something against it? If yes, please let me know i would be so thankful!

greetings from austria

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Yep I got something similar... they’re annoyingly as heck!! Someone help us!! My skin has always been almost flawless and now I’ve got these annoying skin colored bumps. Yes I have a little patch of milia on my chin but that’s not this. This are bigger and not white. They’re just hard and skin colored and can’t be popped. They just scar and bleed a lot of you try to pop them. 

Yep I got them too. I. Got milia on my chi but these aren’t yellow or white they’re just skin colored and much larger that seem to come in clusters around my chin or lower jaw and sometimes my cheeks. They can’t be popped and if you try to, they’ll just bleed and scar up badly 

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I m also suffering by the same fr last 2 years. My age is 26. If anyone will find a solution pls share with me also because it is getting worse day by day. Now I don't want to go in front of mirror also.

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