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Question regarding Dermarolling

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I have neglected my skin for years and have forehead lines and acne scars all over my face. I decided to jump into dermarolling after seeing so many before and after photos of people with similar problems.

I bought myself a 1.0mm dermaroller and did my 1st session last Friday. My face was very red and I had 2 spots with blood one on my nose and forehead. I applied Hyaluronic acid right afterwards and my face stung quite a bit! The following day, it was still noticeably red but after that my skin color is back to normal. I FEEL like my skin has improved but I can't seem to pinpoint why exactly. My scars are still visible and I'm not expecting miracles in less than 1 week since dermarolling. Do you recommend that I dermaroll again in 4/5 weeks?

I know collagen is supposed to work its way up from the bottom of my skin but I'm so impatient. I heard it takes about a week to truly see results, did you find this to be true? I'm paranoid that I won't notice anything different!

Thank you so much!

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This is called - Microswelling. Swelling after the procedure. It takes 3 months to see anything and Microneedling in general your not going to see a big improvement off one treatment, you need "many." I don't know your type of scars (if you post a pic that would be easier to give you a plan) but microneedling does very little for scars without TCA peels to also stimulate reconstruction. Rollers are older and most people use dermastamps now because of microtearing the skin with rollers.

Yes you roll once a month. 

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