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Account of my battle with acne

My experience with acne has been a very long and bitter one that began when I hit puberty when I was about 12 or 13 in grade 6. The looks and responses I got from people just crushed me which ended up lowering my self esteem and confidence. I saw the doctor that year and he put me on accutane which I must admit did wonders for my acne problem. I wasn't completely clear but it had cleaned up about 70% of it on my face. Throughout junior high the acne seemed to revive itself after I stopped accutane and again this made me question why my skin was so bad compared to everyone else's. Just this year I began taking Differin beginning in august and I've been on it since. This post is really for those who have acne and are on Differin or considering it as an alternative to accutane.

Here's what happened:

Month One - No effect noticed at all

- Continued to wash face twice a day with a bar of soap

Month Two - Redness, irritation, and dryness hit me hard with the start of school in september causing me to lather my face in too much moisturizer and look like a fool.

- Little to no change of acne

Month Three - I discontinued washing my face completely and I would just splash some cold water on it in the morning.

- Starting to notice less acne but still prone to breakouts

Month Four until present - I've now stopped washing the Differin off in the morning to reduce the dryness and flaking at school and applied moisturizer in the morning overtop of Differin

- About 95% of acne is gone and my dry, red skin has calmed from not washing my face and irritating it from the soap

- I still get the random pimple but they are extremely rare and very small.

I finally seem to be winning the battle here by only washing my face once a day with water and using Differin which I now love ( I hated it through the second and third month cause I thought it wasn't working )

Hope this helps you guys starting out with Differin and you need to hold out and let it work with time. Give it more than 3 months like it says and you will notice a difference

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Oh yeah I forgot to say that I also dropped my electric razor for a mach 3 something or other and I quite like it. Just don't use too much shaving cream and be careful to not go against the grain on your face unless you're prepared to face some harsh irritation ( for me anyway ). If you're going to go against the grain for the super close shave, do it before bed to allow the irritation to diminish.

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