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unluckyguy's accutane logs


Before I start the accutane story, here is the baseline.

Background : Male, acne for last 3 years

Type : Sporadic. Will come at the average rate of 1 cyst every 2 months. Sometimes 2 or 3 in one shot. Other than that face will remain completely clear. Cysts will invariably leave pits though.

Past treatments : tetryocyclin : no benefit

minocyclin: incredibly successful, no cyst for one entire year. I also got 2 microdermabrasion peels during this clean period. Helped me a little bit. Then the derm asked to half the dosage. Started getting cysts again.

cephalexin : worsened a lot. Do not know how but it did, but new rate would be 1 cyst per week.

This is the stage in which I started accutane.

Dosage : 40 mg capsules twice a day. 80 mg per day .


Day 0 : baseline cyst count before treament starts. one healing cyst in right cheek. One active small cyst in left cheek. One healing cyst in forehead.

Baseline triglyceride : normal : baseline cholestrol : high. Asked to avoid fat during treament. Possible risk of being taken off of treament if cholestrol is very high in monthly tests.

Day 1 : 2 pills in my body so far. No effect whatsoever. Feeling happier that I am doing something about this miserable disease. No idea what future holds, but still feeling optimistic.

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Completed my week 1.

First 3 days : no effect except I could feel gradual drying up of my entire body, lips being most noticable

Day 5 : Small whitehead below in my jaw. Must be due to tane cas generally I get cysts not whiteheads. Did not bother me at all cas it dried up within a day

Day 6 : A healing cyst on my right cheek seemed to have flared up again. I never had to deal with a healing cyst becoming bigger again and I would like to give credit of this remarkable acheivement to accutane

Day 7 : The unruly healing cyst which inflammed showing signs of going down

Day 8: Wanted to call my derm to get a shot on the above mentioned cyst, but looks like they went for christmas vacation ten days early sad.gif

Day 9: The cyst is going down, so not that concerned about missing the cortishone shot . I hope I do not need it. There is a very small cyst starting to form in my right cheek. Keeping my fingers crossed on if it will blow up or go down very fast.

On the whole, the first week of tane was not bad. Other than the unruly cyst no bad surprises. I can feel my skin drying up gradually .

I have not bought any moisturizers yet, but I am planning to buy some thing for my lips and a moisturizing soap for my face this week cas at the end of week one I can definitely feel my body drying up.

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Welcome to the accutane world my friend. biggrin.gif

I hope that your cyst goes away quickly, and doesn't return with friends. I am about a month into 80mg/day.. Skin is dry, but not seriously, and lips haven't gotten too bad either. I attribute this to the fact that i apply chap stick constantly, and also I don't shower every day. After I shower I am really dry, but I put on some lotion, and then I'm good for a couple of days... I don't like the idea of showering that little, but its only temporary, so what the heck. biggrin.gif

As for moisturizers.. I am really liking the Curel moisturizer, it's called Daily Moisture Therapy Lotion, and I use the fragrance free kind. It's great, I even use it on my face. Cetaphil made my skin burn and red, but this stuff is very soothing.

I'm also liking the Blistex Medicated Berry Balm for my lips. I use it during the day when I dont have a tub of Aquaphor near by, and it works great.

Also, for washing, try out the dove all day moisturizing body washes, or the dove 1/4 moisturizer bar. They are great for washing your face, not just your body.

Good luck!

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Week 2 is over :

As posted in my last week, I could not a shot in time for the unruly cyst in my cheek since my derm office took an unexpected break.

They came back , but by the time I could go the doc, the cyst kind of popped open while washing my face and some shit came out.

Fuck, just what I wanted to avoid by taking the shot.

Anyway I still went to the derm, he said that it was going down since it had accidentaly drained and he would not give any shot on it.

I also showed him two small pimples that were caused by accutane and asked him if I needed shots there. He said no. I then asked the usual mandatory questions of what I should do to avoid pitting on the healed acne, is there a cream or something, should I avoid shaving but I got the usual answer " It does not happen what you do on the outside, scarring can occur due to damage on the inside".

After this incredibly uninformative answer , I asked him to give me a prednisone supply as an emergency in case I got a breakout during the vacation when he will not be there to give a shot. He gave me the prescription and walked me out the door.

So the next 4 days were ok. I got 2 small pimples that would go off within a day or 2, so I did not worry about them. They must be due to accutane for sure.

I got a small whitehead in my eyebrow, that went off within a day.

There was a small cyst in my forehead that was slowly increasing in size. Danger.

It contined to stick around by the end of 4th day.

So today I went to the derm again since that cyst in the forehead had developed a white plug and I did not want it also to open up .

I could get a derm appt in time this time, I went to the doc, he said there is no need for a shot, since this was more of a pustule and not a cyst, so he popped it open and put a bandaid there. I asked him if he would give a cream equivalent of the shot to have as a backup during the holidays, when he would be on vacation

He prescribed me something called topicort and said use this if you get a few cysts in the next couple of weeks when I am off and they would have similar effect as a shot. This was different from the prednisone supply which I have cas that I am supposed to take only when I get like 5 or 10 of them cysts at one time. For just 1 or 2 cysts apply that cream or get a shot if possible.

I also asked him about the slight peeling in my face that begun to happen and if it is fine to shave still. He said shave carefully and moistruize more. He then made some wisecrack about how ppl are afraid to moisturize while on tane, thinking that it would cause breakout , but actually it doesn't , so yes I should moisturize a lot, especially before shaving.

I wished everyone in the derm office merry christmas and left the clinic. I would not be seeing the clinic till next year (only figuratively not literally smile.gif )

So anyway, I am now into day 2 of week 3, heading straight into christmas weekend.

To summarize, the score for the 2nd week was

1. 3 small pimples that lasted no more that a couple of days

2. one small cyst that developed a plug that the derm popped open.

Merry christmas everyone , till next week...

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Hey unlucky,

If I were you I wouldn't get cortisone shots. They can leave you with scarring that you wouldn't get if you didn't get the shots. I had some pretty bad cysts too and minocycline took care of them. It just takes time.

I should be starting accutane in the next few days, so I'll be doing it with you.

Good luck and Merry Christmas to you too smile.gif

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Week 3 over:

3 new small pimples came during the week and are going down now. In addition a really weird thing is happening in my face. In a couple of places, my skin got rough, with some white deposits on . Do not know what it was , maybe dead skin deposited there.

In one place it was kind of red and was mixed with a couple of really really small pimples, which dried up and kind of mixed up with that mess.

So it was one continous red patch over the skin.

No idea what it was, it was not going away after face washes, applying moisturizers etc. It was really creepy.

Finally I decided to shave cas I was afraid to shave with that on the skin, and after the shave all those spots disappeared but the red patch now has a red mark left in that region, I hope it does not indent or pit because of the removal of that mess from top of it.

I wonder why this is happening, it is as worse as a pimple or maybe more.

I will ask my derm next week about it since I will run out of pills next week and will go to meet him to renew.

I will have to consider stopping accutane if this keeps happening and my derm has no solution to this.

Anyway I also got scared of the cetaphil moisturizer , thinking it was causing some pimples and bought an olay complete moisturizer in its place. I also brought a bic single blade shaver to shave in the acne prone/accutane induced sensitive skin areas of my face cas I do not want the usual 3 blade razor to cut those regions 3 times. I will use the 3 blade shaver in other places of my face.

Also the body ache is becoming more severe day by day, my body aches so much after a workout now.

So it was a pretty bad week both by the creepy patches on skin as well as having to spend money on all this new stuff for the face.

I am really getting upset now sad.gif


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A month complete hoohoo eusa_dance.gif

Went to the derm for my 2nd refilll apt yesterday.

so I walk into the derm appt, make small talk with the receptionist, she asks me to wait for the doc for a few minutes. Then I ask her if my lab work has come. She makes a copy of the lab work for me to read till the doc comes, and damn I am dismayed to see that there is nothing right in the report!!!

The good cholesterol is low, the bad cholesterol is high, the triglycerides are twice the maximum, the overall cholesterol is high, and so I ponder over all of them in gloom while waiting for my derm, feeling sure that this is the end of my tane journey. Just one month, would you believe it!!

I sit praying for the best case scenario which would be him halving the dose while the worst case would be him taking me off of it completely.

Then I sit patiently thro the mandatory long wait they have to make it look like the derm is a busy man and then he walks in, heads straight to me and feels my cheeks and exclaims "smooth as a baby’s butt", then he settles down. I tell him well I like accutane so far, I have not got any new big cyst so far but I am afraid you are going to take me off of it cas my triglycerides are high.

He winks and tells no, it is normal for it to go up in tane, now if it goes till 500 I will take you off. But cut off all fat completely. I tell him that I already have, he does not reply but looks worried after hearing that.

He then says he will still keep me in tane for the same dosage, I am like are you nuts, the triglycerides are 280 and the recommended range in the report is less than 150, are you sure you do not want to reduce the dosage.

He is like well if I reduce the dosage, tane will just control the acne, but I want to cure you for long term, so I want to keep the high dosage, but cut off fat completely and we will see next month how it goes.

I explode ok cool I like that, that is what I wanted to hear , now what about these red marks. It shows no signs of going down and I feel some old healed red marks are coming back. He tells there is nothing he can suggest while in tane but just hope for the best.

Then I ask him what to do for old acne marks, I read about some homeopathic stuff in the internet and I want to try it. He says I do not trust those homeopathic stuff, they just tell it works but there is no evidence that it does actually.

Then I plead with him to tell me at least something else to do while on tane, he tells the only thing he would suggest is vitamin C, so he writes me down vit c pills, 500 mg twice a day. I ask him what about vitamin E, he tells well I do not think it really helps with old acne marks but I would not mind you taking it.

I then ask him you told me Retin A based creams will help with old acne marks, so since accutane is also vitamin A based , will it also not help old acne marks?

He tells yaa they are similar, but the retin a creams work more selectively in skin to help heal the marks but accutane works at a much deeper level and has no direct effect on the old acne marks.

I ask him if I can use retinol a creams with accutane, he tells no, then makes me fill out another consent form for the refill, much smaller than the one that I filled last time for the beginning of my tane course and then sends me off.

Just when I am about to close the door, he yells "and remember no fat in your food young man".

So I leave the derm office with a heavy heart, well I am happy to get the accutane for the next month for sure smile.gif but the triglycerides stuff left a bad taste in my mouth ...

So I guess I should just buy the vitamin C pills, be grateful that the derm gave me the tane for one more month and live thro the next month hoping for the best.

The last week was not that bad. I did not get new big pimples. Just a couple really small ones, that did not bother me.

Hope the second month is much better than the first one cool.gif

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