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Mild but Persistant acne 8+ years

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Hello, I've come here to see if anyone knows what kind of acne i have. I suppose to get a call back from a dermatologist to set up a meeting but specialist waitlists in Canada can be long. For almost 10 years i've been fighting against acne. Its migrated all over my face from my cheeks, temples, chin, and now my forehead. I have never had suffered from chronic cysts but i occasionally will get blind pimples. Mostly now its very tiny acne's located on my forehead. I have tried almost everything and nothing seems to work. I became resistant to my antibiotics quickly, Retin-A did nothing. Birthcontrol through me into a depressive state and messed with my hunger hormones and never fully got rid of my acne. I found some success with supplements and probiotics but again the minute i stop them my skin gets very poorly. Its also very expensive to constantly be buying these supplements. I'm 21 years old so i think its safe to say i'm out of the pre-teen pubescent acne stage and i've never had hormonal acne around my jaw.  Also i'm very clean, I wash my face 2x a times a day and regularly switch pillow cases, hair is usually kept out of my face. Lastly, I hate getting acne becuase i always get very dark hyper pigmentation which in itself is a whole other issue. 

TL;DR: I've tried many things, does anyone know what kind of mild but persistent acne this is. If so what is the best treatment if I haven't already tried it. Thanks

Over the Counter Treatments:
Benzyol Peroxide
Sallacylic Acid
Nizoral Anti-fungal shampoo

Topical Antibiotic Cream
Birth Control  

Chromium Picolonate
Candida Stop
Vitamin A 10,000 IUD
Vitamin D
Purge Parasitis (Worm Wood, odourless Garlic, Chaste Berry...)
50,000 million Lactobacillus Probiotic
10,000 million Saccromyces Boulardii Probiotic

Diets I've Tried:
Gluten Free
Carb free (including no fruit)


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Your post reminds me of my own thread I posted in the body acne forum detailing my extensive trials in an attempt to cure my body acne. (BTW, I have tried everything you tried besides BC, inositol, berbernine, chromium, vitex, and one of your probiotics)

Do you see how many of the lesions form lines with each other? This is a demodex burrowing pattern. Treatments that are effective on demodex are, from least to greatest

Tea tree oil
5% permethrin
Topical ivermectin + metronidazole
Oral ivermectin + metronidazole

I speak with 99% certainty that you will clear up if you treat these things.

A link to a study that can help convince a MD to write an Rx for the ivermectin/metronidazole combo can be found here: 

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