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something thatll help clear my skin

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I can’t stop breaking out, I wake up with like 4 to 5 red spots everyday. I’m really emotionally and my self esteem is all over the floor. I don’t want to go outside anymore because people just look at me like I’m a monster or something :smileys_n_people_15: does anyone have any advice that will help me clear my skin. Thank you. 


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Do you have any sensations associated with your acne? Does the acne come and go in severity or is it constant? Have you ever noticed any eyelash or scalp dandruff? Any acne along your hairline?

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I started having acne my sophomore year of high school it wasn’t as bad as today. I cleared my skin on my second semester of senior year but I started breaking out again in August and now it’s just getting out of hand. some weeks is calm but some other weeks it gets bad and the redness stays for months. I don’t break out on my forehead. Only my cheeks and chin. 

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Is your menstrual cycle regular? Have you noticed any association of the acne severity with your menstrual cycle?

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I think going on hormonal birth control will help clear your acne up almost completely.

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