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Hi all!

Hope you are all enjoying the holidays!

To Start;
This is the first time posting in the forum but like many other people I've become fed up with trying different treatments without seeing results treating acne- especially on my neck. Before banging on about my acne I have included a great product (All natural) I now use on my seb derm at  the bottom of this post which has worked wonders (Don't worry I have not been paid to promote etc It's just something which has really been amazing and if it helps one person with this issue I'll be happy! This has changed my life on the seb derm front! 

Onto the Acne issues- zzzz;
I have been on various antibiotics when I was younger (I'm now 29) and like many people have tried everything from some light therapies to creams (prescription and none prescription) and also going down the holistic approach. Examples include different diets, using apple cider vinegar, cutting out sugar and using probiotics and omega 3 supplements with little results. I do not want to take antibiotics for this issue any more even though it has been around 10 years but I want to sort it once and for all (And I believe I can!) for a less harsh more natural approach.

Neck Acne/ Infection?
I get a few spots on my face but the area which is most affected is my neck, I normally have a fair few large cystic spots on my neck and shoulders which are very painful to touch, itchy, red and pustular. Not pretty! I'd really like to hear from people who have managed to treat these types of sports and maybe find out a bit more on specifically the type of acne or infection it may be. Frustratingly most dermatologists haven't been very helpful and harsh medication and creams are prescribed with no last affect- This hasn't got to the root and so my search has brought me here. Now at present it isn't crazy bad but I'd like to find out what has worked for other people! The Acne.org products sadly did not work for me.

  • Have you managed to clear your neck acne?
  • Are there things in your diet which have helped?
  • Which products do you now use?
  • Any other advice?

Anxiety/ Stress/ Depression;
I am a very fortunate person but over the years have had a few up and down periods in life like most people. I believe that some people are prone to acne as a result of stress. Have others found this and if so have there been things which have helped the acne stress balance? I exercise regularly, do yoga and also cycle and still the deep neck acne is present ..... Any tips would be great.

Seborrheic Dermatitis Conditioning Oil;
Now before finishing I'd like to share something I've recently manage to control using an oil which has worked wonders! Seborrheic Dermatitis, something that other acne sufferers seem to suffer with is also an irritating skin condition and something which I've tried to control with every product under the sun over the years! I recently found this skin condition oil from Biom8 which has cleared my seb derm and kept it at bay for almost 6 months. It's serious been the best skin product I've ever bought! *Also I have not been paid by the company etc etc I just thought it might help some more people out there like it has me and is definitely worth trying if you suffer from this also! You get it from the link at the bottom.

Thanks for reading my post, remember there are far worse things in life than acne, with the right information, approach and action everyone out there suffering will find a way to manage/ eliminate theirs- I know I will! keep making progress and we'll all get there . 

Biom8 Oil for Seb Derm;

Neck Acne Example- This is actually a lot better than normal;
thumbnjpg.jpg Edited by TG808

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Hello my friend

Glad to hear you feel your sebhorroic dermatitis is sorted.. I just posted a thread in this forum. I failed to mention it it that I had acne just like yours along my neck too. If you read the thread you will see I (and many others) believe there to be an association with body acne, SD, and demodex. The lesion on the left looks particularly like the types I have been prone to getting.

I firmly believe a cure is in reach for you and does not require drastic diet modifications and fruitless application of topicals :)

Take care.

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