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acne babe

10 days picking free

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this is an update for compulsivee picking
i thinkk im doing preety good
i didnt excpect that i'll make it this far
the longest i've stayed for 5 years now is like 5/4 Days
so kinda feeeling proud
i setted my calenderrr
and i crossed a cross everyday
kinda determined to end upp with my dream skin by summer
hope so ( my skin is tooo damagedd) 
IM Just cleansing 
and moistrising 
sometimes i gently exfoiliate like once  a weeek maximum 
and i had some activveee pimplessss going on thooo
likeee the urrrge to pick thoseee is out of this universeee
but yeah i try to cover emm with benzol proxyyde the moment i feel like im starting to stareee too much at them 
im gonna plasteeer
but my faceee is mostly nowww CLOSEDDD COMODONESSS
likeeee for no reason they r not inflammed they just under the skin
a bumpppyy textureee arround my mouth mostly its not realllyyy obviousss for far away 
and im dealing with an activee pimp here and there
and ofc my baby nosee blackheads never goneee always here
buttt what is obvious the most is my hyperpigmentation and active spots 
but my faceee loook incrediblyyy bettterrrrrr 
likeee lesss rednesssss
lesss activee spotsss
less comodones  
lesssss flakinesss
no more crazyyy cyssttsss
so im planning to makee it till 60 daysss
and i'lll GO PARTYYYY HHH 
THIS IS A LILL UPTADE FOR ME TO READ LATER ( U never k maybe i'll make it ) 
and to every pickerrrrr thereee !!! 

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I'm really happy to read this! Congratulations!  I was actually thinking about you the other day and did some reading on this particular disorder. Looks like you are getting a handle on it yourself which deserves admiration because it take an incredible amount of discipline and self control. Keep it up, you'll be so proud of yourself on day 60

Good luck, pls keep updating!!

Natasha :) 

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