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Accutane and PCOS acne

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I am starting Accutane next week but i was diagnosed with PCOS today. I took accutane a couple years ago but then i experimented with birth control for 2 years and now my other dermatologist thinks starting Accutane again will help. I am not sure if it will and i dont want to torture my body if it won't help,  does anyone have any thoughts? I am on spiro 25 mg twice a day but hasnt helped much 

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Just saw your post today. I too have PCOS. The first ever symptom that I have is acne so i went to a derm first and was put on 4 rounds of accutane. Just for my acne to come back with a vengeance. I was diagnosed with POCS in 2014 and been on birth control. It really does help with pcos acne but last december 2017 i took months off of birth control, so fast forward to February until now, still struggling with acne breakouts. I am back on the pill and i hope this helps. With birth control you really have to find the right one for you. You really have to think very hard if you want to do accutane. It might help but it will just come back after... well that’s what happened to me. Unfortunately with birth control, like accutane, it’s also just a band aid solution. But i’m trying my best to live healthier even if im on birth control. Lifestyle changes, diet and exercise really helps a lot with PCOS.

hope you find out what works for you soon!!!!

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