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I am back after months away trying Botchlas regiem, minimal success with that, i only have mild acne and most of it is on my cheek bones area so if i look at myself straight on, it is hardly noticable, what is noticeable tho is the huge pore on the cheek areas next to my nose and on my forehead, i dont get an spots in those area except maybe an occasional 1 on my forehead but thats pretty rare.

I feel really bad about the way i look, 50% because of the acne on my cheek bones and 50% because of how bad my skin looks because of open pores.

Is there any products that any of you guy have used which tightens pores and actually works?

I use C&C blackhead scrub as my SA and 5%BP cream.

Using these seems to have opened my pores permanently, if i go a day or 2 without using them my pores are still huge, i really need help.

I live in the UK and am looking for products to completely close my pores so my skin actually looks smooth.

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clay mask should be the best pore tightening mask.

Since differin helps eject dirt from pores it mite help tighten.

Also list eveything you use on your skin, one of those products may be doing more harm than good

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BP makes ur pores bigger.

AHA/BHA shrinks them. Retinol(vitamin A) shrinks them too.

Nothing can shrink them permanently though. sad.gif I'm suffering from the same problem.

I heard pore size is genetically there so u dont really have control. BUT BP can make them look bigger but in reality they really arent. or something like that lol

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