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Acne experience, why does my skin heal so bad??

Hi! First post. Since september, I've been dealing with mild acne. My skin was perfectly clear over the summer and has generally always been blemish-free until school started up again. I originally attributed it to stress,  but once the pimples failed to fully heal (leaving behind dark spots), I began to wonder if it could be some sort of deficiency. I struggled with EDNOS (not super severe) from around the end of last april up until the beginning of this November. I was wondering if self-starvation may have caused some of my hormones to become imbalanced, which then resulted in my skin's healing ability to become less functioning. I used epiduo all of last year as a spot treatment and it worked great up until around this past August. My dermatologist then described me onexton in september, which did absolutely nothing. She also gave me doxycycline, which I refused to take after reading negative reviews. Just yesterday, my gyno reccomended a low does of Estrostep, which I'm hesitant to start out of fear that it will make my mild acne more severe. I've switched to beautycounter products for my skin, and so far I've had decent results, but my pimples just take forever to heal and always leave behind red marks. Suggestions? Zinc deficiency, maybe? (Also, my gyno told me in NOVember that I have low estrogen, but it wasn't in regards to my acne). Thanks! 

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