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Wrinkles at 16 years old

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Well I understand this is a acne forum but I didn't know where else to go. As you can see I have quite bad wrinkles on my forehead, I've had these for years but never really thought much of it (thought everyone had it when they lifted eyebrows) but now I know people my age barely have one line let alone the 4-5 I do.
I don't wanna look 60 by the age of 30 please can someone help me get rid of them or reduce them.




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You are raising your eyebrows, you look completely normal seriously.

Post pics with a relaxed expression if you want! :)

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As someone who's 41 years young, trust me, those don't qualify as wrinkles. Wrinkles remain when your facial muscles are at rest. 

That said, if you continue to exaggerate your facial expression to that extent, yes, you are certain to develop wrinkles in those areas. Don't be afraid to move your face and convey expression, but don't overly tax your face on purpose in order to gawk at what you think are wrinkles. All you're doing is brewing future wrinkles through excessive muscle movement. 

Also, don't be afraid to begin using anti-aging products by the time you're thirty. (I didn't start until about 34 and wish I'd begun slightly sooner, since long-term acne treatments can be rough on the skin over time.)


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yep agree with everyone else, don't deliberately create wrinkles on your face! 

Also, you can start anti-aging care too, because as you get older, the quicker your skin's collagen production decreases. By the time you're in your 20s, I believe you'll be producing only around 70% of the collagen you produce in your earlier years.

Also, MOISTURIZE! This helps keep your skin's elasticity and maintain its skin barrier.

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