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Sore throat, Swollen Gland. Accutane+Antibiotics?

Hi, Ive been had this swollen gland for some time now (12 days), and my throat has just recently started to hurt.

I dont have headaches or a runny nose or a cough or any other symptoms of a cold. Which is why i am suspecting the possibility of mono.

What do you guys think??

My main concern is, my doc might take me off my accutane if i tell him i suspect mono and it turns out i have it.

What do you guys think.

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at this point, id strongly suggest going to your doctor. i can understand that you dont wanna be pulled off accutane (trust me, at wk 10, i understand!) but, mono *is* stressful on the liver, and has the potential to inflame both the spleen and liver, this inflammation could potentially mess around w/ your liver enzyme levels, and considering accutane is messing with those already, itd be in the best interest of health to make an appointment with your gp and get to the bottom of the swollen gland and sore throat. the addition of the sore throat that sounds increasinly like mono to me, especially since the swelling hasnt gone down after 12 days - mine lasted for 3 months, and like you, only one gland was swollen, AND my case of mono was only mild. again, please go see your doctor just to be sure, your health is the most important thing, and if you have mono and dont look after it you could be doing yourself some serious harm, or at very least youll prolong the tiredness and general malaise of the mono virus. take care of yourself! i hope everything works out for the best! - lisa

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Thanks punkrockprincess i appreciate that atleast somone is trying to help me understand this..

But what do you think the odds are of him taking me off accutane if i do indeed have mono?

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