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wont stop breaking out - HELP!!!

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i am 17 years old and i have had acne since i was about 13 or 14. when i was 14 my acne got so bad to the point where my mom took me to a dermatologist and i was prescribed a gel with benzoyl peroxide and a face wash as well. that did nothing to my skin, in fact it made it worse so i stopped. when i was 16, i found the perfect routine and my skin was CLEAR for 5 months. i used african black soap and jojoba oil, and exfoliated with a mix of honey and brown sugar every week. 

in august, it wasn’t that bad but i began to break out. and since i had clear skin, a breakout to me was like one or two pimples. lol i would be lucky to have that right now. but because of this i switched up my entire routine and i’m pretty sure that’s what messed up my skin. i kept switching routines for a good 3 months and then i realized i should probably go back to my old one. when i did, my acne started to heal and my face got clearer. at first. then, of course, i started to break out again. i deicided to try and use witch hazel or tea tree oil as people say those are good for acne, but they did nothing and made parts of my face even worse. 

btw, i changed my diet around. i cut dairy and reduced my sugar intake. i drink a healthy amount of water. i change my pillow cases. i do all that regular basic stuff people recommend to do when going through a break out.

sidenote: my acne is only on my cheeks. my forehead and chin are perfectly clear. PLEASE HELP!!

P.S: i usually like to use natural stuff on my skin so no recommendations of things with salycic acid and things of those sorts, they only hurt my skin.

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The mildest things that you can do are use a calamine lotion, this really helps, I have tried it myself, and other than that, you can try fullers earth and aloe vera gel, make a paste and use it 2-3 times a week. Good luck

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