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No to booze but what about smoking and soda

I have started accutane and I have decided to COMPLETELY STOP alcohol. That should make my liver happy.

Smoking , my current rate is 5 per day and I am not sure if I can reduce this .

Now for soda (coke, pepsi and the stuff), in my work place soda is free eusa_angel.gif and I have developed a habit of drinking upto 5 diet cola per day.

I hope soda and cigarettes have no adverse effect on body with tane, the way alcohol is . Only alcohol is mentioned in the official avoidance list in the Roche literature with the drug.

Does anyone know if soda and cigarettes ( evil by themselves, no doubt) join forces with accutane in messing you up, I hope not, but wanted to see if anyone here has more info...

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good that you're stopping alohol...

you shouldn't drink soda in general in my opinion if you have acne, I've been drinking much less soda since I'm on accutane and drink ALOT of water instead...don't know if it makes any difference but it makes me feel better at least...

I don't smoke cigarettes but smoke marijuana at least 4-5 times a month, today is my 70th day on accutane and everything is going great...the results of accutane are really satisfying....

so yea, basically try to think that if you smoke less, accutane will work better, this way maybe you can quit smoking smile.gif

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