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cm ajayyy

will dermaroller help me out to cure these scars????

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I have been suffering from deep acne scars for the past threemonths i have done three setting of derma roller treatment still it does not improve my doctor suggests me to get 6 settings to fade these scarsIMG-20171115-WA0037.jpgIMG-20171104-WA0018.jpgIMG-20171115-WA0036.jpg

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Several people posted a plan for you in October read below... No microneedling will do little for you! RF Microneedling Will.

BA - Posted October 12
You have surface box cars, they are not that bad. NOKOR (the needle) Subcision with saline injections and suction and infini rf microneedling or vivance would help this a lot. You can do TCA peels after you have leveled things off a bit more. It will take several treatments. Acne scars are never one and done, depending on your down time the treatments are done over 3 years. With your darker skin type you will need retin a cream and hydroquinone or skin whitening cream with albutin and konjic ingredients before your treatments to avoid hyperpigmentation.

Look for a doctor who can do subcision by your location.

 Obi wan - Posted October 14 
Subcision will help, but you also have broad box car scars, and yes BAs suggestion will help alot, with a realistic timeline. To take things up one more level, the broad depressed scars can be freed up by a Specialist trained in scar elevation. Outline of the scar is surgically incised, and undermined, but brought to the surface. Left to heal with sticky strips. Now, the idea behind this technique is to elevate the larger depressed scars, once you get them to the same level, lasers can help as the incision line is very fine. Your skin can be improved with simple treatments, but taken to another level if required. Always hope. 

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