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Using 5% Benzoyl Peroxide but no improvements

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Hi all,

I've been using 5% BP now for about a year, but only realised a month or 2 ago that you need to apply it all over the skin and not just pinpoint onto spots (wish I'd known sooner!) Anyway, the reason for using 5% is that this is the most readily available BP cream I can get in the UK. I use a gentle cleanser and then a salicylic acid wash morning and night and BP in the evenings only and then cetaphil moituriser. Basically I've been trying to re-create the regimen but have seen no overall improvement - my skin clears up for a bit but then I have a huge (probably hormonal) breakout all over my face once a month. I'm fed up and don't know where I'm going wrong when there are so many success stories using just 2.5% BP. My acne is mild to moderate btw. 

Any help greatly appreciated.

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I am not qualified to help but some people say that going on a 2.5 percent is better, any higher irritates skin. I can't really help with the hormonal side, but it will probably die down as you get older. If you haven't already try eliminating dairy from your diet, it causes acne. 
Good luck :)

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You won't get results even if you use 10%. 2.5% should be fine, it's how you apply it, make sure you use a moisturizer afterwards 

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