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Just 2 quick questions...Is there an age restriction on dermabration? as i have a few pigmentation problems, would 1 dermabration session remove them?

And if you had pigmentation problems and had dermabation, what have your results been?

Thanks alot,

Tom eusa_angel.gif

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I really wouldn't recommend dermabrasion for 'a few pigmentation problems'. It's a very serious (and expensive) procedure and, IMO, you should only consider it if you have scarring which you feel is quite severe.

Misty had dermabrasion done aged 17, so I don't think there is any age restriction, but I think you should seriously look into other treatments before considering this.

Treatments which may help with hyperpigmentation:

AHA peels (Lactic, Glycolic, Malic, and in particular, Kojic - if you can get hold of some)

BHA peels (salicylic acid)


Epidermx lotion and other topicals.

Please give these a go before you consider dermabrasion.

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I know - unfortunately patience is something we all have to get used to with our acne treatments! doubt.gif

I think you'd benefit from some lactic peels - they're quite cheap. Also, check out the 'red marks' forum and the two pinned topics for some excellent information on dealing with hyperpigmentation.

Good luck Tom.

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Will do, I have actually brought a purdeming intense gel R ALA and it came yesterday, i will give this a shot for a while as it has been given so many good reviews. Hopefully it will work, also ontop of that i could use a lactic peel but obviously 12 hours apart.



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