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Week 3 of caveman regimen (wash w water) .. so many whiteheads??!

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Hey guys, 

I started the caveman regimen roughly 3 weeks ago because my skin had a really bad reaction to a product that i used twice. I've been washing with lukewarm water and applying sunscreen. The max amnt of times I wash per day is 2x, even though I've been trying to wash it just once. But I go to the gym so i have to wash my face then too. At first, the regimen seemed to be pretty good- my skin was healing and calmed down a LOT more than it would've if i used products. However, Ive noticed that i get so many whiteheads and it makes me super self conscious and irritated... Like i have at least 2x the amount i had when i wasn't doing the caveman. I'm thinking of trying to apply my differin gel at night to my face again since that worked before.. .-. Or maybe dabbing some diluted tea tree oil onto the whiteheads? Getting clear skin is so impossible.. you would think it would work after taking Accutane. Nope.. Any advice or tips, guys? Thanks so much TT


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Why not try something that you can actually eat and not die while curing whiteads? For example, HONEY. Simply apply it to your face at night for approximately 15 minutes and wash off with warm water.

You can also mix yogurt and coconut oil to honey for additional benefit. See this thread: 
Best Natural Skin Care: Honey + Yogurt + Coconut Oil

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I have tried that before but I will try it again... willing to do anything. Thanks!!!

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I had those whiteheads too at the beginning of my caveman regimen! I saw that you're washing your face twice and also applying sunscreen. My experience was that washing my face (even with water only!!) was still too drying for my skin. Also your sunscreen probably has a bunch of chemicals that your sensitive skin probably isn't happy with. 

I would definitely suggest trying to cut out rinsing your face and cut out applying the sunscreen and really just let your skin breathe. If you wash your face, I would do it once a week MAX, at least until your skin can balance itself out. I know it might seem counterintuitive, especially after a workout, but it seriously helped my face clear up amazingly. The only thing I use is jojoba oil in dry patches at night. 

Also have you tried an elimination diet? I did that along with the caveman regimen and it allowed me to discover that dairy definitely is the culprit behind my cysts. It might help you discover if something in your diet is causing it!

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Thanks for the reply!! Youre right.. I feel like maybe it is something in my diet thats causing the whiteheads as well.. I've been eating 2 eggs a day for protein because I've been trying to lose weight and a lot of people say that eggs have worsened their acne.. Perhaps ill try stopping that and washing my face less often. Hopefully I dont tan without the sunscreen x.x! Thanks again:)

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