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I bet you all to help..

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Help guys, I am 26 years old. Since 13 I have severe acne (cysts) 

I have tried everything... besides accutane... I dont want to risk my life on it.

I know 2 persons who had severe acne and took some treatment and healed themselves but they dont want to tell the secret. And they said it's not accutane.

Is there any option to make the sebaceum glands in the face smaller ? (Besides accutane) ? I suspect some form of lase  therapy that works. Anyone knows about this ?? help

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2 hours ago, alexor said:

If I have said "I have tried everything besides accutane" isnt that a bit....... evident ?

chill out, suck it up and go for Accutane then.
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Lasers are pretty much off limits for those with active acne. However, I've seen Dr. Davin Lim using eMatrix to tackle both acne and fresh acne scars at the same time with much success (watch the video below). Unfortunately, this is more of an exception than a rule. Most treatments widely used today, including lasers and chemical peels, cannot be used while zits are still active.

It seems like you're almost out of ammunition with conventional treatments. On that note, have you considered using natural remedies to tackle your acne? Treatment need not be overly elaborate IMO. I suggest you look at one of my earlier post: 

Best Natural Skin Care: Honey + Yogurt + Coconut Oil

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Natural treatments do nothing . My problem and our problem is internal. I`m not interested that much into treating external stuff, as cysts grow bigger from inside out...

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