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Can Scar can improve by itself over Time ?

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The OP has posted many times hoping for "different" answers. We have tried to help with lengthly support, please click on his username on the left and see past posting. 

The answer is no they do not you have pitting as discussed - permanent scarring with your age being 22 and having them for a year. Scarring is not "normal" skin. Discoloration (red/browns) or PIE - wounding can get better over a year or two.


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Yes! If you are under about 18 yr your face will still grow and change shape, so the scars might improve in that case.

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Again several treatments for PIE / PIH or skin discoloration are in the faq - top post of the acne scar sub goto the skin section, then pie/pih. PIE is wounding after scarring that causes red and browns. Treatments for these wounds are there (several of them). This causes the "browns." After Accutane. They can take a long time to heal on there own or there are treatments there. Pitting has nothing to do with PIE / PIH discoloration.

They could, depends how you heal, if your skin lays down fibrotic bundles then no they will not get better. If they are simply wounds aka PIE after acne then yes they could. It depends on the texture, look, depth, trauma, skin type / ethnicity, history of health and wellness. 

Use silicone Liquid or patches can help fresh scars and some scar creams with growth factors. Honey and aloe vera help fresh wounds or triple antibiotic. 


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2016-12-08_052802.jpg :smileys_n_people_116: CLICKABLE LINK: OFFICIAL ACNE SCAR SOLUTIONS; Q&A / FAQ :smileys_n_people_108:
1. SUCCESSFUL TREATMENT THREADS                                                                 7. HYPERTROPHIC / KELOID (RAISED SCARS)
2. WHAT IS ACNE & PREVENTING SCARS                                                              8. SUBCISION
3. DIFFERENT TYPES OF SCARRING                                                                       
4. TREATING SCARS AT HOME                                                                              10. LASER
5. SKIN: RED (PIE) BROWN (PIH), WHITE MARKS,                                               11. MICRONEEDLING
     TEXTURE, LARGE PORES,  DRYNESS, & COVERING UP SCARS                    12. TCA CROSS FOR ICEPICK SCARS & ACID PEELS                       
6. PUNCH GRAFTING & EXCISION                                                                        13. 
@Frenchscar Yes your main problem is PIE and it looks like over treatment or Edema. For the reds I would lay off all abrasives / harsh topicals. Stop the Microneedling. V-beam, IPL, Excel V, and 1064nm can be used for the reds. It will take several laser treatments. For the indents you can do subcision and or TCA peels. Microneedling can be done if you wish when things normalize more with texture / depressions pf the skin. 

Use some soothing aloe vera and honey if you wish to see if it heals over many months, or Biafine, or Tripple Antibiotic are all options to see if the body will heal itself.

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No you do not, it's been 6 months, laser for reds/ browns, or all the DIY treatments in the faq or subcision now.

If you wish to see if it will just go away wait a year or more (this is only for PIE discoloration it could "possibly" go away), it's really a personal preference. 

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NO acne scarring is not discoloration! They have nothing to do with each other. Sounds like your posts belong in hyperpigmentation section not the scar section. You originally told me you had pitting. I gave you advice for your discoloration aka PIE/PIH. 

I can scrape my knee and have discoloration, this has nothing to do with acne scars which are damaged collagen. Scars can discolor, but has nothing to do with acne scars they have different treatments.

You have melanin, vein / vascular, or over aggressive treatment of your skin leads to discoloration. Everyone discolors after zits and it takes a long time to go away. Accutane makes your face thin and causes PIE, it can take 1-2 years to go away (if it does go away), I give treatment options if you do not want to wait, there is no guarantee one will heal 100% without discoloration. 

Please read the faq (top post click on the hyperpigmentation link) > skin section > PIE & PIH  

Burns weather chemical, or physical can cause discoloration. This is why we always do a small test spot of acid peels to see how we heal and then move to progressively higher percentages. The skin is extremely delicate, if we do to many things or do them to quickly we are asking for irritation, or hyperpigmentation. 

One can get discoloration from laser, from the sun (sun burns), from products, from popping zits, from thinned skin, from poor health, from aspirin and blood thinners, from anti-biotics. 

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