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My Accutane course.....

i'd been considering accutane for a looong time, and was having doubts about it up till yesterday when i saw my derm... mainly, i was worried about the initial breakout many pple endured (1-4 months to me is a long time...)

well the derm was really nice, and he explained everything to me patiently and reassured me that i can stop any time i'm uncomfortable with the treatment (MmmMmm? eusa_eh.gif ).... he said he's seen about 1000 pple through accutane and they've had very good results (i believe him cos he's pretty old, which also helped put me at ease cos i trust he knows what he's doing).. he also said that most pple dont experience the initial breakouts!

i think it's becuase he put me initially on a very low dosage............ as of now, im only taking 10 mg once every two days, this would be for two weeks, then i'll start taking them once a day...... i think i'll just be taking 10 mg a day for a month, for which i got a prescription.......... i'll be back to see him in 10 days, so i'll see how things go............ *hoping for the best*

i took my first pill with dinner yesterday night, i took it pretty late though (around 12 midnight) cos i was at a dinner party and was having so much fun that i completely forgot about it >.<.... i *hope* tha'ts not a problem, i dont intend to take it so late with my next pill

i didn't take a pill tonight, but was quite anxious cos i want to see results quick... but of course, patience is a virtue..... so far, not much change, but i dont think i have any new acne since last night............. or maybe that's just psychological

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Stuff i bought preparing myself for the accutane course (I always do so much shopping to "prepare" for a treatment):

- Emu Oil as a moisturizer

- Cetephil Liquid Cleanser

- Manuka oil and honey antiseptic gel (still waiting for it to come in the mail, probably in another week)

- Blistex lip balm in a tube

- Vaseline

- 1000 mg Evening Primrose Oil

- considering buying Vit E, but is Vit E and Primrose practically the same?

i think i'll be putting away all my other products for the next 6 months.. hiding them... to avoid irritating my skin and risking scarring.... i have so many products >.<... i'm such a product junkie,... i gotta stop

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it's only been a week... and time seems to pass so slowly... there's not much differnece with my skin.. except it's just as bad as before... cysts...and the itching is driving me mad! it never used to itch like this before >.<

i wonder if i'm wasting my time taking 10mg once every two days... how much of an effect would that have?

i'm so impatient!! i'm considering quitting (sad i know, it's only been a week)... and trying ALA Photodynamic Therapy instead... maybe when i'm clear or manageable i'll go back on accutane... then i wont have to suffer walking around looking like this...

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Hang in there until you see results, your doc is doing what he believes to be best for you, just give it some time, at least until you are on a higher dose for a while. On 10 mg every 2 days or even once a day, not much is going to happen, so just keep taking the pills. Accutane is your best bet for fixing your acne for a longer time. I've been on accutane for almost a month now, I was started at 80mg, check out my log. Good luck, and hang in there!

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