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Please help I dont know what to do!!

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Ok so I just had my firs Medlite C6 laser treatment it’s told to be the gold standard laser of laser skin rejuvenation and also said to be one of the safest lasers out there I had red marks discoloration before treatment and after my first treatment all the spots got way worse turned a darker shade of red they said it should go away in 5-10 days that my skin will peel I’m really paranoid and scared rn because I’ve felt with acne and scars for most of my life and can’t take an even worse problem such as right now please anyone help me what’s going on?!?! First pic is day before treatment others are  day after.




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The red is a sign of the skin healing itself in general,then you got treated,i might be right i might be wrong so look at it this way.

if you tca cross a scar what it does is created a scab,this is to induce trauma to start the skin healing.maybe whats happened is the same,the red parts if your skin have now tirned to what might be considered to be scabs but in the skin.

the skin takes 28 days to fully turn over itself,so during this period as the too layers if skin are shed it will finaly get to this scab the laser treatment created,this in turn will shed and the redness should reduce itself.

not saying this is what is happening,just proposing it as a theory,you need to wait 28 days from treatment now for your skin to turn over.

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A pink or reddish painless discoloration of treated areas is to be expected, usually lasting several hours. Avoid sun exposure and apply post-treatment medi-skincare products. Specific instructions will be provided at the time of treatment.

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