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i haven't really been frequenting the emo board lately. i've been sticking mostly to the lounge, or not coming to acne.org at all. i'm tired of the insults, the bickering, the fighting back and forth. we are here to SUPPORT EACH OTHER not to make each other feel worse. Whether or not that support has anything to do with acne, we should be there for one another. because we all have insecurities, and sometimes we just need a shoulder to cry on, or a hand to help us up.

really people. what do any of us gain from tossing insults back and forth over an online forum? but the thing is that those words can still sting, and they can still leave an impact.

when i first got here, this place was amazing. everyone was kind and friendly and ready to help those who need it with any advice they can give. now the dynamic has changed, and it makes me very very sad.

so enough with the insults and the fighting and the blatant disregaurd for others feelings. this is the EMO board, boys and girls. let's get back to lending support whenever we can.

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Guest Brandon

Get used to it because it happens all the time and nobody gives a shit. It's been going on since before you were around and won't stop as long as morons scan the forum.

The Lounge blows. Their humor is dry and they make strange cracks at each other. The only commendable aspect there is they don't fight and get along well.

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It goes on and on like this Katie. Since I've been here i've seen some pretty crazy shit go down. Especially when Aysia was here!

It always gets worse before it gets better again. regretably, when this site took on the look it has now, a lot of people left because the change was too much for them. I have to say, it turned me off too, it wasn't the same. But the old replaces the new, just like the people here I guess. People come and go, I watch and meet, things happen, people change, then they leave. It's nothing like when I first joined now, but the process is still the same. As long as there's people with opinions, things won't change anytime soon I fear...

But its good to see you here!

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