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(maybe very) mild acne ruins my life

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At around age 15 my acne started. I had red pimples with pus( though I don’t think it counts as cystic ). I really hated it so i stopped eating junk and sugary food, washed my face twice daily and used only topical treatments(benzoyl p, etc). After about 6 months it got really better , and as time went on it got better and better. I remember that at the age of 16.5 I really felt like this acne is behind me. My face was never 100% clear, but it was really good enough !guess I was wrong ..:( today I’m almost 17 and at the last 3 months my acne has returned. It has spread to my cheeks and its the worst it has ever been! I can’t take it no more! I started a psychologist therapy because I’m really depressed, my parents wants me to take anti depression pills.  Duac doesn’t help , I bought differing but then found out about the initial breakout that occurs using it, and I don’t believe I am capable of going through it! I’m really depressed,  I’ve got nothing left that I can eat(no junk food, no candies, no milk no bread!) and my self confidence is low! All I think about is my acne, and again , even now I can tell my acne is still not that bad, I would say mild to very mild. Also every pimple that occurs leaves a red mark that stays for months! That irritates me the most, this hyper pigmentation . I Thought of maybe taking accutane, I know it’s a terrible drug and that is also has IB but the fact that it might make me forget about all this once and for all sounds dreamy! Thanks...
My face is like that at the moment : 2 active pimples on cheeks- under the skin. At least 10  Hyper p. red marks all over the face, and many many blackheads!

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