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how to get rid of dry, dead skin

Hi all! I did a really big mistake but here it goes...

After I started the regimen, my cheeks seemed to get better, even though there is a small breakout on one side...

My forehead, on the other hand, seems to get worse. All the zits became larger and inflated. I decided to use just on the spot without moisturizer there. Well, it didn't do much good and my skin is now really dry there and red and just looks so stupid! I can't even cover it with a make up properly...

So what the best way to get rid of those? Should I stop using bp on my forehead for awhile? Use scarbs? Or what?

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well what i use, is 5% bp from the pharmacy but goin to switch to 2.5% bp to cause less irritation, eucerin day renewel lotion (works awesome on dry skin without causing extreme oilyness and it's really light), basis soap so when i get out of the shower it's barely dry. i cleared up in about a week and a half's worth of time. what i like to do is pop the realllllly small things at night, like the small blackheads and whiteheads where it's barely a bump. then after that, i wash my face and put on BP. i usually put on large amounts of BP on the larger pimples. first i would put on a thin coat to let the skin absorb it and then another coat, but don't rub in the second coat, just dab it onto the zit. then i go to sleep without anything else after i let it dry. in the morning i wash my face with basis soap, then use C&C blackhead scrub to get rid of the dead skin or any extra skin on the face from the BP and then put on really small amounts of BP on the zits that are still there so it woulnd't look retarded when i go out. then i just put on really small amounts of moisturizer. i dno't put on as much as dan, i just put on about 3 squirts. 2 squirts for the cheeks and 1 squirt for the forehead. this really works well for me, my face is much more clear and even the biggest cyst i have right now is going away, and i had it for about a month and it's the size of a quarter but even larger. and when i started putting BP on it, it's going away real fast and it's only been like 2-3 days i've been working on it.

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i would stop using the bp in that area for a couple of days and then when you start using it again make sure you are following the regimen to the letter. always use moisturizer...

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