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cotrisone shot- scarring?

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:D I have had many cortisone shots before. The results have always been satisfactory. This time it has resulted in a depressed area. I have plenty of these already and really hope that this one will go away. Does anyone have any experience with this? I'll be talking with my doctor tomorrow, buit I'd really like to hear from someone that has experienced this. I read somewhere that it could take 6 - 12 months-OOCH! I guess that is better that the other alternative- stickin around to match my other ones.

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I too have a very indented area on my chin due to a cortisone shot. I have received cortisone shots before and never had a problem up until a month and a half ago. My Dr. said it should fill in in about 6-12 months. Personally, I don't see it going anywhere any time soon and it is making me very angry as it is the worse scar on my face! Is your going away yet? sad.gif

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I have been getting cortisone shots for my cysts for the last 6 years and have had very few scars from the needle itself, I do have scars though from the huge cysts the were injected once the inflamation went away(go figure). But I agree with the above post, it's better then the alternative of it hanging on for weeks. I always feel so good about my active pimples after I leave the Dr.'s office knowing they will be shrinking up quickly.

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