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What kind of acne do i have

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Looks like mild-moderate papules to me. I have the same problem in exactly the same areas of my face, too.

DO NOT SQUEEZE THEM, DON'T EVEN TRY (my acne spread in less than a week, because I squeezed just a few, and squeezing can leave scarring). If you get a horrendous spot, put some ice on it for 5 mins and it should bring the swelling and redness down.

I would recommend cleansing once or twice a day using a non-comedogenic cleanser (and splash your face with cold water afterwards to close your pores). If your skin is dry, moisturise with a non-comedogenic moisturiser (oil-free would probably work best), something like cetaphil should be fine.

Acne is usually hormonal or stress related, and to improve stress, I would suggest to stick to a sleeping schedule (probs most important), stay hydrated, don’t snack, and spend some time outside.

For specific treatments ask your local pharmacist, or, if you can, make an appointment with your GP and follow their advice. Otherwise buy some tea tree oil, dilute it (I have no idea what you're supposed to dilute it with, but I just shove the q tip under the tap for a sec), and put it on specific spots/areas - just be careful with it cos it can really irritate, if you can sensitive skin. 

It may take some time, but it will go away eventually,

Good luck :)

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