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Im currently 2 months into my 4 month course of accutane. I take 40mg per day. I have not experienced dryness much at all, just a little around my mouth and  my lips. The only problem is my face is full of scars and hyperpigmentation, is there anything I can do against them while on accutane? 

Regards !

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Seems like the US leads the way in scar revision as these papers stem form multicenter studies in the States! At least someone has taken a proactive role in clearing up some of the misconceptions of Accutane and concurrent scar treatments. Well done to all the doctors in the US who participated in the surveys and studies. 

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I don't know why a video was pasted above on how to help the OP, does not address here issue. She does no need resurfacing while on Accutane she needs help dealing with color issues.

I have made a full solution to PIE (this is what you have which is wounding after acne) not hyperpigmentation if your dealing with Accutane. Several treatments are listed. Goto the FAQ - top of the acne scar sub, then the skin section, and finally to the PIE area. 

Yes V-beam can be used, Excel V, IPL, 1064nm laser also glutathione (iv drip) Niacinamide (cream) Vitamin C serum, the most basic thing many try first are aloe vera and honey, ... it takes a long time to heal while on Accutane.

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