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Pus in subcision bruise??

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So I had subcision with filler on two scars on Friday morning. Today I noticed a little white patch on the one bruise and it looked like pus under the skin. I gently rolled my finger wrapped in tissue over it and sure enough a tiny amount of puss came out. Is this a cause for concern? Has anyone else had this happen?

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Ok I just talked to Dr. Novick I emailed him some pictures and my concerns and he called me back pretty quickly. He said it all seems to look ok it could've just been a little fluid. He told me to hang in there a couple more days and things should look much better. He said its very hard to get an infection with this procedure. So I feel better about it. Novick really is a good Doctor. I don't know how my results will turn out but I'm very impressed with how he actually seems to care about his patients. I haven't found that in many Doctors. It was definitely worth the trip to NYC for me.

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So did the Doc subcised scars individually or in a broad-stroke manner? Speaking of which, does it really matter, as long as the scars are untethered?

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@Sirius Lee He suggested doing the whole face in a broad stroke manner and then do individual scars later, but I chose to just have him do two scars individually. 
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Risks are proportion to the number and extent of subcision. The more extensive the procedure, the higher the risks of haematomas, seromas, and abnormal scarring, as well as bruising. Most start with a small area then advance on. Also area dependent. Temples with superficial veins and vessels are higher risk, so extra caution in this area. I would advise slow and steady, then bigger areas as ones confidence in the doctor grows. 

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