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low dose accutane and pores getting larger?

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Hello all, I have had very weird bumps surfacing (suspected rosacea but 5/6 doctors have refuted it) and sudden oiliness as well as swollen pores appearing in the last couple of months, anyway since they were unable to name what is wrong with me (seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea, hormonal, normal for age, pityrosporum follucilits, and demodex, yes I have heard it all), my derm and I have decided to go on low dose accutane for a while, at least to get the sudden oiliness under control. Anyways been taking 20 mg EOD for the last 34 days, however while the blackheads on my nose have lessened, in the last week my cheek pores look much more visible (not really any blackheads though) and it is driving me crazy! Skin is dry but the pores (cheeks and bit of forehead) are suddenly more open.  I dont necessarily have blackheads but they look weirdly huge. I hope it is just purging Is this temporary do you think?

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Large pore are often a result of dry skin, which makes sense of Accutane. The dryer your skin the more your pores will open up to try and self moisturize.

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