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Went off Epiduo 12 months ago

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Hi all,
Up until about a year ago, I was using Edipuo in AM and BP in PM, and had been doing successfully for a few years. I decided to stop the creams, because I thought my hormones would have settled down by now. I stopped the Epiduo, but never managed to ween myself off the nightly BP cream. About 4 months later, I started getting bad breakout every now and then again, including a few cysts, which I hadn't had for years. I decided to tidy my diet up - eat low GI and cut out all sugar. Now, a year since I stopped using the Epiduo cream, I'm battling cystic breakouts every menstrual cycle and average skin in between.

My questions are:
1. If retinoids take a few months to work, does that mean that it would have taken a few months for my skin to go back to normal, and thats why the worsening of my acne was delayed? 
2. If I go back on Epiduo now, is there any reason why it won't work this time round?

Another thought I've had is that it was just the BP in the Epiduo that was doing the work, and that i could use BP in AM too, but I've done this before and don't think this is the case. 

Cheers and best of luck to everyone ! 

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