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Permanent solution? Drospirenone is only temporary

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I am almost certain I have/ had hormonal acne, the exact science I don't know but I know the sebum is the cause of the nasty bumps and skin problems 

I was on Yasmin/ Zarah for a long time and works perfectly for me, my skin even got to a point a baby smooth perfect ( I also do a lot of other stuff to it so not sure what the exactly cause maybe a combination of everything) 

Been traveling for a past year, haven't been home in Canada where I can get free birth control pills so I've just been paying for it, it's expensive overseas like 30 dollars per pack and some countries you also need to pay to see a doctor to get prescription but I just had to have it because I didn't want to risk not having perfect skin. 

After I went to Japan things are like crazy expensive and difficult here, I had a crazy idea of what if I just go off the pills for a month to see what happens, maybe I don't even need the pills anymore, now after over a month I am starting to see more and more skin problems, I am just gonna go back on Yasmin. 

So are we required to just be on this Drospirenone chemical for rest of the life? What happens if we can't get it? I am not liking the idea of taking a chemical for life, eventually I need to get married and pregnant. But again we also need to eat and drink everyday so what's the big deal of taking a chemical everyday, just the hassle of time and money it costs....

Has anyone tried ordering from any Indian pharmacy other than all day chemist? They only accept mailed cheque now that is ridiculous lol  

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Getting off bc pills or spironolactone  can cause acne especially if u had problems before aaaand especially if your pills are antiandrogenic ( which they are). A lot of girls (myself included) struggle with getting off the pill ( obviously we cannot take them forever but we don t want pizza face either) so after a loot of research the solution that i came up with and planning to apply ( when i will want to stop taking them) will be weaning off them slowly ( progresively cutting the dosage to give time to the body to adjust) and also supporting my body with healthy foods (no sugar no dairy) and some supplement that help with hormonal acne (vitex, sawpallmeto, DIM). I hope i helped you in some way. Unfortunatelly there s no permanent fix for hormonal acne as i understood from my research. I had not encountered any case in which a girl that started bc pills to fix acne stopped them with no problem. On the other hand i have seen stories of girls that had no acne problems prior bc pill but after stopping them they had worst cystic acne ever. Maybe the stories are biast because who will post stuff about acne if they got rid of the problem permanently. Anyway. Wish you good health ! 

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