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Clusters of bumps on sides of chin - can it be perioral dermatitis? (picture)

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I'm 21 years old and have had these clusters with small bumps around my chin area for months. Only on the sides though, as you can see on the picture. First it was only a few of them that were skin coloured and I thought it was just closed comedones, so I tried BHA acid, retinol, tea tree oil etc, but nothing really helped. It looked good for a day or two because the skin flaked off and the bumps looked like they went away, but then they returned and spread out even more :( Some don't release anything when squeezed, but some that have "surfaced" more can have white stuff in them or a hard yellowish plug. In the beginning they itched, but now it just feels tight and dry. I've also tried fungal shampoo (ketokonazol) and it only made them dry and no real improvement happened.

Then I found out it mightbe perioral dermatitis, and I quit using all kinds of creams and other stuff, I only use mineral makeup and African black soap to wash it off. Tried making a zinc cream and it calms down the active ones a little bit, but the rest of the bumps remain and somedays they look worse than others. Why are they still there?! :( I'm not even sure if it is PD, could it be hormonal acne? I almost never have cystic acne in that area though, it's mostly on the cheeks and very rarely. I've been vegan for three years now, I  eat  healthy foods, almost never sugar (except fruit and such) and sometimes I've not eaten gluten for long periods of time and it haven't had any noticable effect. 

The pic is when it looks "good" because I just had zinc on the area, otherwise they are pretty red. Other side is less bumpy.


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