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Nothing seems to work

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Hi there, 

I'm a male, and I've been suffering from acne since I was 14 (I'm now 23). When I was in high school I used to get gigantic cysts on back, face, and neck. They would leave huge scars that I still have to this day and it really shatters my confidence every time I see them. I found that cutting out dairy completely got rid of these on my back, with just occasional little zits, which is great. However, I still tend to get cysts on my face, especially around the jaw area, and occasionally on the forehead. On top of the cysts, almost every day I find several new zits that are ready to burst and leave scars on my face, these ones are everywhere on the face, but especially the cheeks. My acne is interesting though, I never get small bumps, it's usually one or two big ones, and sometimes it'll only be on one side of my face, while the other side will pretty much be clear, then it'll shift after a week and the other side will have acne and the one that had acne before won't anymore. From one side of my face you'd think it was pretty clear with just a few scars, but then I turn and you see several live zits and think otherwise. Now, I've tried everything in the book, creams, pills, washes, vitamins. I've taken zinc, multi vitamins, vitamin A, I've tried every kind of face wash, cut out fast food, changing my pillow cases every few days, changing hair products, eating only fruits and vegetables. The only thing I have not tried is acutane and would prefer not to at this point. I'm at the end of the rope here, please if anyone has any advice or suggestions, that maybe my hormones are off and a way to fix it. Literally anything I will take and try it. After almost 10 years of this, I'm done. I want my face to be clear like everyone else my age.

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