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Hi, this is my first post. 

I am almost 25 years old. I have been suffering from mild-moderate acne since middle school. I have of course tried all the drugstore solutions for acne with no improvement. My acne has waxed and waned over the past years. I was in Wal-mart about 7 weeks ago going through the face product aisle when I saw Differin. I had no knowledge of the product before I picked it up, but it looked promising. I threw it is into the cart and went home. 

Luckily, before I started using the product I did a quick google and fell into the whirlwind there is of information on this product. I specifically found Dr. Dray's videos on youtube discussing proper use of this product. So I developed a regimen.

I wash my face AM and PM with Cerave foaming face wash. 
I apply Cerave daily moisturizer AM and PM.
In the PM, on top of my moisturizer I will apply a "pea" sized amount of differin to my entire face.

I do wear make-up during the day. I am a physician assistant. I see many patients on a daily basis. I could not imagine going to work without foundation on. I know it may be contributing to my acne but it seems near impossible for me to go without it at this point.

I have been using Differin for almost 7 weeks now. I have missed 2 days of applying the differin for various reasons.
Week 1-2: No change to acne to skin texture
Week 3-4: Increased pustules. Small white heads on my cheeks and chin. No dryness
Week 5-6: SMALL WHITE HEADS EVERYWHERE. These white heads "pop" very easily. They seem to be in clusters on my cheeks and chin.
This week.... pustules continue, increased redness, very bumpy texture...emotions rise :(
ps. I do not feel comfortable posting a picture at this time. May in the future.

So, long-winded as this post was, I am posting because I need some "words of encouragement." I am becoming emotional when it comes to my skin, literally at times on the edge of crying. I will continue differin because I know it will take 3 months to see results. I would just like to hear other experiences that may have been similar to mine during these purging periods. 

If you made it this far. Thanks for reading. I will keep chugging along.


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