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finally cured

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It's unbelievable how I ended up to only washing my face with water and being clear, but it happened to me.
Having had the worst case of cystic acne since my teens, oily skin type, a genetic predisposition to acne and having gone through all kinds of therapies, I can't comprehend how it suddenly disappeared. It was a miracle.
List of things I did:
- prescription medications- Accutane (1 course), 1-2 months of antibiotics, all kinds of topical gels all the time, dermatologically made expensive products, kits, systems, etc.
- birth control for a couple of months
- natural hormonal herbs and supplements
- vitamins and minerals, supplements, probiotics, etc.
- light therapy (blue light and red light) from 2 different types of devices
- over the counter, high-end serums, treatments, creams, cleansers that cost hundreds of dollars for very small quantities
-natural products, masks, muds, etc.
- Oil Cleansing method and all kinds of well-researched oils for oily skin with anti-inflammatory properties
- Different diets- low carb, paleo, only raw food, vegan, vegetarian, more water consumption, etc.
- Meditation, more time in nature, developing spirituality, frequent sun exposure but in limited quantities (like 15minutes) to prevent skin damage
- More sleep, regular sleep schedule, etc.
- Chemical peels- all kinds and at different strengths
- regular over-the-counter products like Neutrogena, Clean and Clear, etc.
- Elimination food system- cutting out certain possible triggers to see if they have an impact on my skin
- Fraxel laser treatments, microdermabrasion, spa treatments
-No makeup
-seawater, sun exposure, etc.

These are just a couple of the things that I can think of right now that I've been doing. I apologize for keeping you in suspense. Only recently (3-4 months ago) my favorite dermatologically created face wash finished and I didn't have the money to buy a new one ( I buy at least 2 of them usually to be eligible for a discount and also get free shipping). Then my cheap cleanser finished. I had long stopped doing treatments on my skin, as I had burned it very bad with a chemical peel 6 months ago and I decided to give it rest.  My natural products finished too and I didn't want to buy anything yet- I wanted to get rid of all the things that I had accumulated by using them all, to start a new, fresh, with my favorite products or try out new ones (I had eyes a few already). 
My skin was getting better though, I stopped wearing makeup, so I never had to wash off all the grime. Therefore, I never took the products out from the drawers from my room to the bathroom to use them up.... So I started washing my face only with warm/hot water in the AM and PM and then dry it off with a towel. There's no oil left at all. I recently started putting chamomile tea on a cotton ball at night just in case...

What I think helped was my diet. Basically, I cut out certain things, I decreased the consumption of others, and I have staple foods that I consume in unrestricted amounts. I take only 2 supplements. Here it goes:

Cut Out (never touch):
- gluten (I go for gluten-free, home made bread only)
- no pantries of any kind at all, ever, no matter how "healthy" they all, except my home made bread, only up to 2 pieces a day (it's a dense kind of bread, so that's plenty for me)
- No sweets, of any kind, even dark chocolate with super natural ingredients. Absolutely nothing sweet, no sugar, only maybe once a week 1 teaspoon in my tea as a reward for doing a good job all week
- Nothing fried (I never ate fried anyway, just want to mention it here). No oils- only real organic butter, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil
- No coffee, caffeinated tea, no stimulants of any kind; only herbal teas and such
-Most fruit, with few exceptions
-Big quantities of legumes, rice, etc. (but ok if little is mixed in)
-No underground vegetables in big quantities, because they have a lot of carbs (potatoes, carrots, etc.)
- I never eat out, I don't get drinks from outside, I don't know what they put in them and I don't want to know. 

-Dairy products- only once a week yogurt of the plain organic type, some cheese like mozarella or cheddar- again fresh and from grass fed animals 
-once a week eggs- cage free, not treated with chemicals
- Some fruit is allowed, like berries, granny smith apples, because they contain little sugar
-fish once a week
- Canned food- like tomatoes for stews. Generally, no cannod food is allowed

Main staples:
- Vegetables-raw, steamed, etc. salads (with olive oil and balsamic vinegar or homemade natural dressings with tahini, mustard, etc. you get the picture)
- Main dishes- large quantities of vegetables cooked with a little meat and/or legumes, rice, etc. I buy about 1 chicken per week and maybe 1 packet of red meat. I make stews, soups, pot roast, which is basically what I eat on daily basis at least twice. I never eat only meat or only legumes. Vegetables make up the most of it, meat is there only to satisfy minimum protein intake, if I could avoid it I would and legumes are there to fill me up because only vegetables and some meat can't... 
- I drink 1.5 litres of water ( i weigh 140lbs) without exception- I carry the bottle with me and I know I need to finish it by the end of the day
- smoothie made out of spinach, piece of aloe vera, 1 pear, cilantro and pinch of turmeric - about 3 times a week, but it varies, sometimes I don't drink it for a week, other weeks I have it every morning
- Raw nuts and seeds, all kinds, including their byproducts, like hummus, spreads, etc.

- I take 1 multivitamin and 1 probiotic which is specifically made for acne
- i sleep 9 hours a day with a regular sleep schedule
-Once a week I may have something extraordinary, like a gluten-free waffle with some honey, tea with sugar, maybe 2 small pieces of natural licorice, but nothing crazy, no matter of the craving. Eventually, your body will adjust and stop wanting such foods.
- tazorac and differin at night, chamomile tea water in the AM

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