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The Caveman Regimen

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Alright to get started I am at my wits end with acne. I have tried the caveman regimen before with water but the dead dry skin was too much. I went natural trying oils or something simple but nooo my skin is now going crazy again. I liked the caveman regimen minus the dead skin which seemed to get worse when water hit my face. I am now going back to it and will do nothing to my face at all. I hope writing it on here will give me encouragement and any tips will be greatly appreciated. My skin type is....not sure its either too oily or too dry...I have had every type of pimple and I also get milia. This will be day one and I can only hope for good results.

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I tried going back to the Caveman regimen but I just couldn't deal with the dead skin again. I have been using oatmeal and goats milk powder as a cleanser for two days. So far It's good it took down the redness of a massive pimple I had on my chin. I have a nice glow and I am not yet seeing new cystic acne so I think It is working. I am using a moisturizer which is Cetaphil. I am praying for it not to turn to the worst because the results are so good right now. I will keep posting probably for my sanity.

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Once a day, either in the morning or at night, apply a paste made of coconut oil and baking powder (1:1 ratio). Leave it on for about 3-5 minutes if you're of dry skin type. Wash off with warm wet towel. 

This will exfoliate your skin (baking powder) while leaving your skin moist (coconut oil)

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