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Hey I'm new here and I have severe acne.

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It started this mid August.. I was back from a camping trip and back from staying at my cousin's house for the whole summer. School was starting to begin and I only had moderate acne at that time. But in September... all hell broke loose and I don't know why. I began to pop pimples and thought that if I cleaned my face after I popped them then everything would be okay... I was wrong. I began to break out.. I went my GP and he prescribed me doxycycline, tretinoin(retina), and benzymacin. Now this is where all hell broke loose. I started breaking more than ever when I started using doxyclicine and benzymacin, the doxycycline did nothing and the benzymacin irritated like hell. I was at my breaking point.. I had so many dark spots, papules, and pustules covering my cheeks. I was so broken down, I would cry myself to sleep and It was so hard trying to go to school. I don't know whats wrong with me, I completely turned my diet around, I excercise regulary, and my hygiene is complteely fine. People who don't have severe acne don't understand how devastating it can be to one's self-esteem. Getting called "pizza face," "Pineapple face," "connect the dots face." People asking you stupid questions like "Do you wash your face?" "Have you tried this.. have you tried that.." and sometimes people will just give you a blank star or a disgusted facial expression. These people are dicks. But I've learned to appreciate things more. I am blessed with severe acne. I feel this way because they're other people in the world thats going through rougher thing. Acne truly does build character and changes a person completely. I'm a freshmen in highschool, I'm currently on minocycline because I have wait a while before I can go on accutane due to insurance issues and long appointment waits. I don't know if anyone will read this, but thank you :) it feels great to release aPhoto on 10-17-17 at 7.46 PM #2.jpgPhoto on 10-17-17 at 7.46 PM.jpgPhoto on 10-17-17 at 7.45 PM.jpgPhoto on 10-17-17 at 7.46 PM #2.jpgll this stress.

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