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cm ajayyy

finelines and pigmentatiom

I have fineslines under my eyes as well as having pigmentation on temple(face)  and forehead and nose  what treatment is best for curing these stuffs u can see in my photos clearly plz help me


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Fine lines under your eyes is related to poor health, lack of sleep, vitamin deficiency, diet but can also be natural with aging we loose fat and bone - botox fixes this.

I will only address scarring. You have a majority of boxcars and icepicks. I would get 3 treatments of rf microneedling infini or vinance or intensif or secret. These are great for box cars. You might also need subcision with a nokor needle and filler if any of the pits are more than a pencil eraser in depth. IF they are more superficial use a Chinese cupping device after you 3 subcisions to prevent tethering again. Icepics you will need 3 treatments of tca cross. Finally You can do acid peels to even out the texture. As you are dark pigmented please check what is used locally for texture peels (med spas or a derm) to resurface the skin. Because of the skin pigment before your treatment you will need hydroquinone and retin a or tretinorin cream to prevent dark spots (several weeks before a treatment at night). To learn more about these treatments goto the faq - top post of the acne scar sub and subcision, acid peels, etc...

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